We are a small web development crew creating WordPress themes obsessed with pixel-perfect design, beautiful code and obviously – photography.



After a long, arduous and undoubtedly fun process of developing, polishing and publishing our first WordPress blog theme Daze – we discussed in-depth if we should first finish our next half-baked new theme and secure more money, or maybe even wait some more until we have that elusive “bestseller” product that will give us the space to do something out of pure passion.


After realizing that we are procrastinating about an idea we feel good about – the decision was easy as pie. We designed a simple website, reduced the development to bare essentials and – made a lot of photos to fire up the library.


We’ve made real money by using free mockups, fonts, photos and plugins throughout each of our careers and we want to return the favor by sharing our work with the community that has given us so much over the years.