Do I have to give credit to you when I use your photos?

If you enjoy our work and if it serves your business well, you can send us some love on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, or insert a text link back to us (which would be awesome). But under the CC0 licence – you are under no legal obligation to do so.


May I use your photos for commercial use?

Absolutely! Feel free to use them on your blog, website, design, product showcase, any kind of print design or video and if they help you make money – we will feel very proud of ourselves.


Why are you using Dropbox for your single high-res images?

We are cutting the costs as much as we can for now. This might change sooner than later according to the general public’s reaction to RightLight photos.


Why some of the full collection download links are on

Since we started RightLight we’ve got a lot of positive feedback through different social networks and online communities. (Thank you guys!) Some of the visitors suggested to add a “Donate” button for all of the good folks out there who want to show they appreciations for our work. Since we didn’t want to play with third party plugins and install payment security certificates whit which we don’t have a lot of experience, we just went for an safer and easier option: to open a profile at GumRoad and host collections there. They are still completely free, but for all of the people who want to donate some small sum, there’s an option. 
So, at the moment we redirected some of the full collection links over there to test how it works and we’ll act accordingly (either to switch back to DB or move all collections to GR). 


May I resell your photos as they are without changing them in any way?

That would be really uncool towards us since we are spending our time and money to create them. It wouldn’t be nice towards the potential buyers too, since they can get them for free here. Also, free online photo communities don’t take these things kindly.

If you remix them in any way (or add them in their original form to a bigger product or showcase like an app or WordPress theme demo) and make millions – all we will do is smile and cheer you on.


How often will you be posting photos?

We can’t promise anything right now except that we will try to update as often as we can. If we get a lot of positive feedback from you guys – we will most definitely invest more time into this.


Will you accept my photos to be featured on RightLight?

Not for now but you can send us a Tweet or a message on Facebook with a link to your work and we will most definitely check it out.